Privacy Policy

I, the registrant taxpayer, hereby certifies that all information herein provided is true and correct, and that any mistake in the information given, whether intentional or unintentional, may result in the cancellation of my application and/or my liability for damages depending to the extent of the fraud. I authorize the Pasig City Government to obtain the information stated in the field I fill up through this platform with my full consent, concerning my registration and subsequent use of the account created as a result of the same, and I consent as to the keeping of the information I provide by the Pasig City Government for its database and records.

As required by Republic Act No. 10173 (Data Privacy Act), I reiterate my consent to the collection and processing of my information in order for the data processors to be able to validate and approve the same for purposes of business renewal and registration. I recognize and am aware that the processing of the required information, which I provide, is compatible with the purpose of business renewal and registration, that it is adequate, relevant, suitable, necessary and not excessive, and I will not hold the Pasig City Government responsible for any breach in the data processes. I also certify my request to the processing of the information I provide with the understanding that this will be done as an indispensable step in the process of verifying the information to facilitate the renewal or registration of my business. I therefore hold the Pasig City Government free and harmless from any liabilities, claims and demands of whatever kind or nature in connection with or arising from the aforementioned disclosure reporting.